Friday, March 04, 2016

Newcomer Fujiwara Sakura to be the heroine in Spring 2016 FujiTV Gekku "Love Song"

20-year-old newcomer Fujiwara Sakura will be the heroine in the upcoming FujiTV Spring 2016 Gekku "Love Song" starring Fukuyama Masaharu which begins its rum from April in the Mondays 9pm timeslot. She was chosen out of 100 applicants in an audition for her pro musician background smokey vocals in contrast to her cute and young appearance. This will be the first time Fujiwara is appearing in a Gekku drama.

Fujiwara plays the heroine Sano Sakura who was raised in a orphanage and is not good at communicating with others. She works at the maintenance department of a company dealing in the maintenance and sale of large-sized vehicles and is frustrated at how her life has turned out. One day, she meets Fukuyama's character who used to be a musician and is a corporate counsellor which makes her open up to him gradually and fall in love with him.

Fujiwara commented that she knows nothing about acting but was elated to know that she was chosen during the audition. As such, she hopes to enjoy the experience and do her best.

Co-stars include Kaho who plays a sisterly figure to the heroine, Tanaka Tetsuji who is a former bandmate of Fukuyama's character, Uzaki Ryudo who operates a livehouse and Mizuno Miki who plays a woman secretly in love with Fukuyama's character.

Source: Sponichi

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Aqi said...

When her name was revealed, I quickly want to hear her singing and well she's quite good though not make me wow yet. Hope the drama will prove something more about her. Though it kinda makes me skeptical to know that both the hero and heroine are belong to "Amuse". Also I'm expecting they will release a single related to the drama, maybe once again Fukuyama will be the producer for it.