Monday, March 14, 2016

Matsui Jurina to play the high school version of Nakatani Miki in TBS Spring 2016 drama "Watashi kekkon dekinain janakute, shinain desu"

SKE48 member Matsui Jurina will be appearing in the upcoming TBS Spring 2016 drama "Watashi kekkon dekinain janakute, shinain desu" as the high school version of the lead character played by Nakatani Miki. The drama which begins its run from April in the Fridays 10pm timeslot, marks Matsui's first appearance in a non-AKB48 group drama. As the senior high school version of the heroine Tachibana Miyabi, Matsui will appear in the flashback scenes when Miyabi recalls her bittersweet high school days when she was secretly in love with her classmate Sakurai Yosuke played by Tokui Yoshimi in the present. During that time, Miyabi was regarded as the Madonna in school with her looks and excellent results but at the age of 39, is a single and proud doctor who insists that she doesn't want to get married, not that she can't do it.

Although Matsui and Nakatani resemble each other in that they both have fair complexions, straight black hair which do not cover their foreheads, Matsui admitted that it was very pressuring to play Nakatani's younger version as she feels that the latter is very beautiful and that she can't match up at all. Besides, she is no longer a high school student so she feels bad about having to act "younger" than her age. As such, she tries to watch Nakatani's scenes so as to prepare herself for the filming and to show Miyabi's glittery high school days through her acting. Besides Matsui, Azuma Rion, her group mate in SKE48 will also play Miyabi's classmate in the same drama.

Source: Nikkansports / Oricon

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