Monday, March 07, 2016

Ishihara Satomi wins the 2nd Cover Girl Taisho for two years in a row

Ishihara Satomi won the 2nd Cover Girl Taisho for two years in a row as she had appeared on the most number of covers for magazines published in 2015. The annual award is based on about 10,000 magazines sold via online bookstore and results of the actresses and female idols who appeared the most times on magazine covers are announced on 4 March which is Magazine Day in Japan. In the inaugural award for the year 2014, Ishihara also won the top award. This time, not only did she get the same title but also ranked No.1 in the fashion category and the 20s category.

Ishihara commented that she was surprised and happy to get the news and that she was honoured that she could appear in so many different types of magazines and show different facades of herself to everyone.

In the travel/local information magazine category, Arimura Kasumi was No.1 while in the comic magazine category, HKT48's Miyawaki Sakura got the top spot. As for the entertainment magazine category, Tsuchiya Tao won the title while in the photogravure category, Ono Nonoka was the winner. In the age category, Hirose Suzu was No.1 in the teens category while Koizumi Satoko got the 30s title.

Source: Oricon

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