Friday, March 18, 2016

Kawaguchi Haruna & Yamazaki Kento to work together in new movie "Isshukan Friends"

Kawaguchi Haruna and Yamazaki Kento will be working together for the first time in the new movie "Isshukan Friends" (Friends for a week" which will be shown from February 2017. The movie is adapted from the same-titled manga by Hazuki Maccha that was serialised in Gan Gan JOKER from 2011 to spring 2015. The sad love story features Kawaguchi as Fujimiya Kaori, a senior school student who loses memories with her friends whenever it is Monday. Yamazaki plays her classmate Hase Yuki who has been in love with her despite her forgetting him every week.

Filming began from 14 November last year in Tokyo and was wrapped up on 16 December. Despite working together for the first time, the lead actors revealed that they got along very well during the one-month filming. Kawaguchi commented that Kaori is a very difficult role to play because of her past trauma and illness that makes her insecure but she still has to show the positive side of her. She also praised Yamazaki for being a perfect fit for the role of Hase and this movie is indeed a very memorable project for her to date.

Source: Oricon

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