Friday, March 18, 2016

Totsugi Shigeyuki to star in TV Tokyo's Spring 2016 drama "Hiru no Sentozake" in new drama timeslot

Totsugi Shigeyuki will be taking on the leading role in the upcoming TV Tokyo Spring 2016 drama "Hiru no Sentozake" (The sake at the public bath during the afternoon) which will be the first drama to be shown in the TV station's newly established drama timeslot at 12.20am on Saturdays from 9 April. The drama is based on the essays from Kusumi Masayuki who is the author of TV Tokyo's hit series "Kodoku no Gurume" and describes the somewhat "guilty yet thrilling feeling" of visiting the public bath and having a drink in broad daylight on a weekday afternoon. The drama will be shot on location at public baths and restaurants serving alcohol in Tokyo which were selected by the staff who searched for these places themselves.

Totsugi plays the lead character Utsumi Takayuki who is working as in the sales department of an advertising firm and is always at the bottom of his team when it comes to sales figures. His only enjoyment in life is to sneak away to visit public baths during the weekday afternoons and have a beer after that. Although he feels bad about doing this during working hours, the temptation to do that is always too strong so he ends up making excuses to explain his whereabouts during such indulgence outings. Totsugi commented that the biggest challenge for him in this drama is to go around showing his buttocks on screen every week and that he had been ordered by the director not to use bath towels to cover himself up so this is a first time experience for him.

Co-stars include Yagi Akiko who plays Utsumi's boss, Emoto Tokio who plays the top salesperson in Utsumi's team and Hirota Aika who plays an OL in the general affairs department. There will be guest stars in every episode.

Source: Oricon

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