Monday, March 14, 2016

Shimizu Fumika to join the cast of NTV Spring 2016 drama "Sekai ichi muzukashii koi"

Shimizu Fumika will be joining the cast of upcoming NTV Spring 2016 drama "Sekai ichi muzukashii koi" starring Arashi's Ohno Satoshi which will be shown from April in the Wednesdays 10pm timeslot. She plays the role of Hori Mahiro, a newbie employee at the company owned by Ohno's character and a colleague of the heroine Shibayama Misaki played by Haru. Mahiro likes to gossip and is Miss "know-it-all" in the president's office planning department.

Shimizu commented that as of now, she still has no idea what kind of character Mahiro will turn out to be but hopes to spice things up in the drama.

Source: Sponichi

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