Saturday, March 12, 2016

Toda Erika to reprise her role as Amane Misa in new movie "Death Note 2016"

 Toda Erika will be making her return to the Death Note series when she reprises her role as Amane Misa in the upcoming movie sequel "Death Note 2016" due to be shown from 29 October. Toda made her movie debut in the first "Death Note" movie back in 2006 where she played Amane who was the only survivor that had used the Death Note then after giving up ownership of the Death Note and losing her memories of what happened. As such, Toda was very surprised and taken aback when she was offered the role again in the sequel especially since Light (Fujiwara Tatsuya) and L (Matsuyama Kenichi) had already died 10 years ago. In particular, she wondered how she should play Amane again after a 10-year gap as the latter has been an actress all this while and is expected to be in contact with the 6 Death Note holders in the sequel movie.

Toda commented that she felt very strongly about the previous Death Note movies which marked her debut on the big screen especially when she was just a newbie actress then. As such, she was very encouraged by the faith placed in her by getting her to play such an important role in such a big production. However, when she looked back at how she performed then, Toda said that she was so embarrassed by her acting but she had to watch the movies again in order to think of how she should play Amane now.

Source: Oricon

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