Sunday, April 17, 2016

miwa & Sakaguchi Kentaro to star in new movie "Kimi to 100 kaime no koi"

Singer-songwriter miwa and Sakaguchi Kentaro will be the joint leads in the new movie "Kimi to 100 kaime no koi" (The 100th romance with you) which will be screened in cinemas from February 2017. The manga version will be serialised in "Shukan Young Jump" from the 28th April issue while the novel version is set to be released after autumn. miwa plays the role of an university student Aoi who gets into an accident. In order to save her, Riku (Sakaguchi) who is Aoi'c childhood friend, goes back into time repeatedly to do everything he can. miwa will be singing the theme song which will be played within the movie while the two of them will also play together in a band with their friends in the movie.

miwa mentioned that when she read the script, she was so saddened by the ending that she kept crying. As compared to when she sings her own songs, she finds it interesting to be singing it with a band. Although this is already the second movie she is acting in, miwa expressed her worry about having to say so many lines this time due to her inexperience but is glad to work with the cast of which many including Sakaguchi are about the same age as her.

Sakaguchi who is playing a guitar for the first time, commented that having to sing with a guitar in front of an audience is something he had never experienced before. However, he hopes to put up a good performance so will spend time trying to get better at it. As for his co-star miwa, he commented that it should be an enjoyable experience to work with her on this movie.

Source: Oricon

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