Sunday, April 03, 2016

Completion screening event of WOWOW drama SP "Kono machi no inochi ni"

The completion screening event of WOWOW Drama SP "Kono machi no inochi ni" was held on 20 March which was attended by the cast members Kase Ryo, Toda Erika, Kuroda Daisuke, Okayama Amane and Shinohara Atsushi and the director Ogata Akira.

The SP which was shown on 2 April at 9pm, is the first collaboration between Kase and Toda since they last worked together in the popular "SPEC" drama and movie series.When asked to comment about working together with each other again, Kase said that he spent about 3 years with Toda doing "SPEC" so he felt secured about collaborating with Toda again even though they are playing different managers this time. However, the people around them felt that there was something different about them this time. Toda revealed that the reason for the change was probably due to her. When they were doing "SPEC", Toda had to speak to him with honorifics but in this drama, Kase's character had to be the one doing it so it made Toda feel very uncomfortable. However, Toda praised Kase for being an actor she trusted and was someone who could make everyone feel secure on the set which led him to comment jokingly that he wasn't sure if Toda was trying to praise him or put him down.

The drama which talks about the theme of animal culling, is set in a animals welfare centre at a town where the vets and staff working there struggle with the dilemma of how to save the lives of animals and fulfilling their duties. Kase plays a vet who is newly assigned to work there while Toda plays his colleague. Toda revealed that they went to a real welfare centre to shoot the drama and were shown the equipment used which made her think a lot about the relationship between humans and animals. Kase commented that when he had asked the staff how they would define their work, he was especially stunned when they said that they use one hand to comfort a dog but had to use the other hand to kill it which describes the conflicting emotions they go through every day.

Source: Modelpress / Oricon

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