Friday, April 15, 2016

Yoshine Kyoko to be the heroine for new NHK morning drama "Beppin-san"

Yoshine Kyoko was announced to be the next heroine for the upcoming NHK morning drama "Beppin-san" (Beauty) which will begin its run from 3 October in the Mondays to Fridays 8am timeslot. She was picked out of 2,261 candidates through an audition to play the lead character Bandou Sumire who set up the first shop in Japan specialising in the sale of children's clothing. Bandou's character is modeled on the late Banno Atsuko who set up the children's clothing brand familiar.

Yoshine had prior experience acting in a NHK morning drama when she played the daughter of the heroine's best friend in 2014's "Hanako to Anne". However, despite having gone for auditions for the heroine role for three other morning dramas to date i.e. "Mare", "Asa ga kita" and "Toto Nee-chan", she failed to get past the first round twice. This time, she was told on 5 April that she had to go to Osaka for the final audition but was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that she had been selected to play the heroine and was to attend the announcement press conference the following day. Yoshine admitted that she didn't think that she could get the role especially since she only made her debut three years ago and that she might have needed more experience under her belt. As part of the audition, she had to undergo a sewing test. Since her late grandmother was a dressmaking teacher, Yoshine had confidence in her skills but was so nervous that she could not put the thread through the needle for about 3 minutes initially.

During the announcement press conference held at NHK Osaka on 6 April, Yoshine revealed that she was diagnosed with the Guillain-Barre syndrome when she was 14 which affected her mobility and caused her to take a year off school for the treatment. Since then, she has developed a new perspective towards life and thinks that it is important for her to convey her feelings especially of gratitude and being apologetic to others. She also recounted that after she recovered, she has become so good at running that she got No.1 during a long-distance race in school.

Filming will begin from May in places such as Osaka and Kobe.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo

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chan said...

Not easy street for NHK Morning drama because you have been failed around again and pass experience test in tiny character under NHK too.