Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dean Fujioka to star in NHK drama SP "Kensou no Machi, Shizuka na Umi"

Dean Fujioka will be starring in the upcoming NHK drama SP "Kensou no Machi, Shizuka na Umi" (The noisy street, the silent sea) which is due to be shown this year. The story is written by photographer Fujiwara Shinnya and describes the reunion between a father and his son after they have not met for 30 years. This will be the first leading role in a NHK drama for Fujioka along with Terao Akira who plays his father.

Fujioka plays the role of a cameraman while Terao plays a psychiatrist who participates in volunteer activities to help children who have no place to go to on the streets of Osaka at night. Fujioka's character then hides his own identity to get close to his father under the pretext of wanting to find out more about his volunteering activities. 30 years ago, the father had left his family while his son was still young and his wife died later without anyone by her side on her deathbed. The father and son then embark on a journey of repentance towards his wife and mother respectively and while interacting with a young girl grappling with loneliness, finds new meaning in their lives.

Co-stars include Wada Masato, Ichikawa Yui, Nakamura Yuri, Mizuhashi Kenji, Mikura Mana, Kubota Sayu and Kimura Midoriko.

Source: Oricon

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