Sunday, April 03, 2016

Minami Kaho reveals that she underwent surgery for breast cancer

Minami Kaho who is married to Watanabe Ken, revealed that she underwent surgery recently after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Coincidentally, Watanabe was also diagnosed with stomach cancer around the same period and had undergone surgery.

As reports began to surface about her surgery, Minami decided to reveal the details through her official blog on 17 March with the post title as "BREAST CANCER" even though she had intended to keep the news under wraps until the last episode of her drama "Specialist" was aired. Apparently, while Minami was in the hospital to accompany Watanabe after his surgery in February, she also decided to go for a full body check-up so as to set her husband's mind at ease. However, she was told to go for a second check-up after the results of the first check-up came out and she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Minami recounted that she was thinking that it couldn't have been her to get such an illness at this timing but was glad to have found out about it early. However, it still took time for the news to sink in especially since breast cancer can be complicated even at an early stage since removal of the tumour may not be enough at times. She waited till the filming of "Specialist" was over before going for the surgery on 11 March.

Minami commented that even though she was the one who had indirectly saved Watanabe's life by asking him to go for the check-up which detected his stomach cancer, she felt in the end that she was actually the one being saved because she might not have gone for the check-up herself if not for him. She felt really encouraged by Watanabe's words during this tough period and expressed her thanks to him.

Minami is expected to begin rehearsals for her stage play from April and will be recuperating until then,

Source: Nikkansports / Sponichi

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