Sunday, April 03, 2016

Okina Megumi & Kimura Ryo announce their marriage

Okina Megumi and Kimura Ryo announced their marriage through their respective agencies on 13 March after they submitted their marriage application a day before. This will be Okina's third marriage and Kimura's first. They are already living together with Okina's two daughters aged 6 and 4 from her second marriage. There are no plans for a wedding.

The couple met when they worked together on the stage play "Zou" in the summer of 2013 and started dating after that. However, Okina was still married to her second husband then and only finalised their divorce in September last year. At tha time, she had referred to Kimura as her partner and an important family member.

Okina's first marriage was to Fujita Susumu, the president of IT company CyberAgent in 2004 but they parted ways in 2005. She married her second husband in 2009.

In her statement, Okina mentioned that she and Kimura had discussed for a long time about their future and the children's before they made the decision to get married. She praised her husband for thinking about her and the girls and being supportive of them all this while which has helped her to lead a stable and peaceful life so far. Okina also mentioned that Kimura's presence is irreplaceable and that they hope to form a warm and happy family from now on. Meanwhile, Kimura also released his statement through his blog where he praised her for being a strong person who has supported him. He is especially impressed with how she thinks for her children and hopes to build a family with her and the children from now on.

Source: Sponichi

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