Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kataoka Ainosuke rumoured to be dating Fujiwara Norika?

Kataoka Ainosuke and Fujiwara Norika are rumoured to be dating, according to the 28th May issue of a women's weekly. In the article, it was reported that Fujiwara had gone to watch the kabuki performance which featured Kataoka on 21 May and even had a meal with Kataoka and his disciples. After that, they were said to have entered Fujiwara's apartment where Kataoka spent the night at.

In response to this report, Kataoka updated his blog with his announcement that the report was untrue and apologised to his fans for causing them worry. He also mentioned that he became good friends with Fujiwara three years ago but there is nothing more to their friendship.

Kataoka has been dating celebrity Kumagiri Asami since two years ago but has been rumoured recently to have broken up with her.

Source: Sponichi

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