Sunday, May 10, 2015

Completion screening event of new WOWOW drama "Temisu no Kyukei"

The completion screening event of new WOWOW drama "Temisu no Kyukei" was held on 8 May which was attended by the cast members Naka Riisa, Kishitani Goro and Sugimoto Tetta as well as the director Gonno Hajime. The drama which begins its run from 10 May in the Sundays 10pm timeslot and consists of 4 episodes, is based on the novel by Daimon Takeaki and features Naka as the lead character Hoshi Rina, a prosecutor's assistant officer. Rina gets embroiled in a new case after her father's murderer claims that he was found guilty by mistake.

As this is the first time that Naka is acting as a prosecutor's assistant, she was worried how things would turn out since she had never wore suits in her works so far. However, the end result was rather satisfactory so Naka was relieved about it. When asked about her collaboration with veteran actors, Naka admitted that she was so nervous whenever she had NGs and would break out in cold sweat.

During the event, the cast were asked about the interests they pursued to which Naka replied that she is very interested in fashion. However, Kishitani teased Naka's fashion sense for being the same as a primary four student and she looked like Umezu Kazuo, a manga artist. musician and actor at times.

When asked about their filming process, both Kishitani and Sugimoto "complained" about the director's liking for changing their lines at the last minute. Sugimoto remarked that as this is a legal drama, they had to get each line correct so he memorised his lines fully before coming to the set. However, the director would inform him on the same day of the filming that he was changing some lines so he had to remember everything all over again.


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If changing a line to the set but result to better than.Rather should to do.