Sunday, May 31, 2015

Koizumi Kotaro to be the lead in new WOWOW drama "Shi no Zoki"

Koizumi Kotaro will be playing the lead role in new WOWOW drama "Shi no Zoki" which will be shown from 12 July in the Sundays 10pm timeslot and consists of 5 episodes. The drama which is based on the novel by Asano Ryo, features Koizumi as Numazaki Kyota, a director working in a TV programme production company who happens to discover a woman's corpse in a forest at Fuji. It is later found through the autopsy that the woman froze to death and one of her kidneys was extracted. At the same time, it is found that a couple sent to the Kyuai Kinen Hospital for treatment of their injuries had engaged in the trading of organs thus leading the hospital's director Ota Isamu (Ogi Shigemitsu) to report this to the police. As a result, Hino Seiichiro (Takeda Tetsuya), the surgeon who performed the organ transplant operation is summoned by the police for questioning. After hearing about Hino's case, Numazaki starts investigating if the body found in Fuji had anything to do with it. Co-stars also include Toyohara Kosuke and Konishi Manami.

Koizumi who is 36 years old this year, expressed his wish to have this drama become a turning point in his acting career. He commented that as the theme of this drama is rather heavy, there may be no clear answers as to who is right or wrong so he hopes that viewers can keep watching till the end in order to find out for themselves.


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chan said...

l think Namonaki Doku which is rather dark from his acting before.