Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kadowaki Mugi & Hasegawa Hiroki work together in new movie "Nijuu Seikatsu"

Kadowaki Mugi takes on the leading role in the new movie "Nijuu Seikatsu" (Double Life" based on the suspense novel by Koike Mariko and is due to be shown in early summer 2016. She plays the role of Tamaki, a graduate student who is asked by her professor (Shinohara Yukiko) to try trailing someone as part of Tamaki's research for her thesis. However, when Tamaki starts to trail her married neighbour Ishizaka played by Hasegawa Hiroki, she finds herself being too immersed in the thrills of peeking into his private life especially after witnessing his trysts with his lover who also happens to be her professor.


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