Sunday, May 10, 2015

Takenouchi Yutaka & Eguchi Yosuke star in new movie "Jinsei no Yakusoku"

Takenouchi Yutaka will be the lead in the new movie "Jinsei no Yakusoku" (Life's Promise) which will be shown in cinemas from January next year. He plays the role of the president of a IT company who returns to his hometown in Shin Minato, Imizu, Toyama Prefecture, after the death of his best friend. While back home, he meets up with his best friend's elder brother played by Eguchi Yosuke and the two clash over various things which lead to them resolving their differences eventually. This is the first time that they are working together.

Takenouchi and Eguchi were in Shin Minato recently for the filming of the climax scene in the movie supposedly to be during the local Hikiyama Matsuri which involved another 1,400 extras. Both of them had to join in the pulling of the 8-tonne floats used during the festival. The actors became good friends during the filming at Shin Minato over nice seafood and drinks. When asked about Eguchi who had to cut his hair short for the role, Takenouchi commented that Eguchi looked so convincing in his screen costume that he was mistaken as a local fisherman.

Source: Sponichi

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