Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Toshokan Sensou" to have its drama SP shown this autumn

The drama SP of "Toshokan Sensou" which is titled "Toshokan Sensou BOOK OF MEMORIES" will be shown via TBS this autumn in conjunction with the release of the movie sequel "Toshokan Sensou THE LAST MISSION" on 10 October. "Toshokan Sensou" is based on a novel series by Arikawa Hiro which depicts the battles that the Library Task Force has to engage in so as to protect the freedom to read books. The drama SP will also mark the lead Okada Junichi's first appearance in a private network drama in four years.

In the drama SP, besides the movie cast of Okada, Eikura Nana, Tanaka Kei, Fukushi Sota, Kuriyama Chiaki and Ishizaka Koji, there will be new cast members i.e. Matsuzaka Tori who plays Tezuka Kei, the elder brother of Tezuka Hikaru (Fukushi), Nakamura Aoi who plays Asahina Shuji, the target of affection of Shibasaki Asako (Kuriyama) and Tsuchiya Tao who plays Nakazawa Marie, the childhood friend of Komaki Mikihisa (Tanaka). The SP's story talks about how Marie who is hearing-impaired, gets taken into custody for being in possession of a book recommended to her by Komaki and how the members in the Library Task Force try to save her.

Source: Oricon

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