Friday, July 25, 2014

Goto Maki announces her marriage through her blog

Goto Maki announced her marriage to a company employee three years younger than her on 22 July through her blog. The couple who live in the same neighbourhood, reportedly came to know each other through mutual friends 7 years ago and were dating each other for a while but broke up later. However, they reconciled two and a half years ago when Goto took a break from her showbiz activities and he provided her with a lot of emotional support. In her blog entry, Goto referred to her husband as someone she is very comfortable to be with and an understanding partner.

After a number of family tragedies such as her mother's fatal accidental fall in January 2010 and her younger brother's brush with the law, Goto stopped her showbiz activities and had no intention of returning until her reunion with her husband which was the catalyst for her return to work this year. According to Goto's agency, the couple are preparing an apartment to live together but have no plans to hold a wedding.

Goto is the 11th Morning Musume member to get married.

Source: Sponichi

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