Monday, July 28, 2014

Completion press conference of WOWOW drama "Zainin no Uso"

The completion press conference of new WOWOW drama "Zainin no Uso" was held at Maru Building Hall on 27 July which was attended by the main cast members Ito Hideaki, Kimura Yoshino and Takito Kenichi and the director Zeze Takahisa. The drama which will begin its run from 31 August at 10pm on Sundays, features Ito as a lawyer who has a nasty reputation for stopping at nothing to win his cases while Kimura plays his childhood friend who is a doctor now and Takito plays a lawyer who is the exact opposite of Ito's character's scheming ways.

During the press conference, both the director Zeze and Ito admitted to not having subscribed to WOWOW and called upon the public to sign up for the cable TV service so as to be able to watch their drama.

In addition, Ito was "singled out" by his co-stars and director for various "crimes" during the filming. Zeze jokingly revealed that Ito kept "complaining" that he was at his limit and wanted to quit being an actor but till now, has not made good his promise so Ito was guilty of making a false statement. Kimura then commented that Ito must have lied about his real age because he behaved like a primary 4 boy on set and would even play sumo for real with her female manager. As for Takito, he complained that Ito was too handsome and only needed 10 shots to be taken during the poster shooting session. Upon hearing the testimonies of Ito's co-stars and the director, the 220-strong audience gave Ito a guilty verdict. In response to that, Ito admitted that he has the tendency to complain and whine about things but won't retire as an actor just because of that. As for being said to be like a 10-year-old kid, he "defiantly" said that since he's so "young", he doesn't understand the meaning of age fraud. At the end, Ito joked that the media should not talk about his "guilty verdict" so that it won't make his mother sad (especially about the part for being too handsome).

Source: Sanspo / Nikkansports

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