Monday, July 28, 2014

Otsuka Nene to make guest appearance in episode 4 of "HERO 2"

Otsuka Nene who was one of the original cast members in the original HERO series, will be making a guest appearance in the 4th episode of "HERO 2" which is due to be shown on 4 August. This is the second original cast member to appear in the new series as a guest star following Katsumura Masanobu who played Egami and was shown as having moved to the prestigious special investigation department in the opening moments of episode 1. Otsuka will reprise her role as prosecutor Nakamura Misuzu who is now working at Kyoto Prosecutors Office and returns to her previous office to work with her ex-colleagues because the fraud case suspect she is in-charge of happened to have committed the same crimes in the area governed by Josai Prosecutors Branch Office. Especially happy to see Misuzu back is Suetsugu (Kohinata Fumio) who had been holding a torch for her in the past but is aghast to find that her new administrative officer Koganezawa Katsuo (Nukumizu Yoichi) is also a rival for her affection. Besides this, episode 4 will also show a surprising link between Misuzu and Baba (Yoshida Yo) and a new fact about Asagi Chika's past (Kitagawa Keiko).

Source: Sanspo

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Zíza said...

Yipee! Maybe it's sad but Hero 2 is the best drama airing this season so far.