Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Production press conference of FujiTV Spring 2014 drama "Gokuaku Ganbo"

The production press conference of FujiTV Spring 2014 Gekku "Gokuaku Ganbo" was held on 8 April at Odaiba, Tokyo, which was attended by the cast members Ono Machiko, Shiina Kippei, Miura Tomokazu, Miura Shohei, Naka Riisa and Takeuchi Riki. The drama which will begin its run from 14 April at 9pm on Mondays, is Ono's first leading role in a Gekku and she plays a heroine who enters the underworld due to being saddled with debts. However, Ono commented that this drama is not typical of the usual Gekku as she finds herself having to behave and speak roughly.

Miura Tomokazu who plays Ono's boss in the drama, dyed his hair blonde for the first time because he found that it was too troublesome to wear a wig for four months. Although he got shocked by how he looked when he woke up one morning, his wife Yamaguchi Momoe got used to his new look in just three days.

Co-star Shiina exposed Ono also behaved roughly off set just like the character she plays as she sits with her legs apart and would proclaim loudly that she's hungry. Miura Tomokazu also revealed that once they finish a scene, Ono would head into the smoking room immediately. Not to be outdone, Ono said that her co-stars are mostly old men so their favourite topics in the waiting room would be things like presbyopia.

After the press conference, the cast got on a promotional car and set out on a promotion campaign on the streets where Ono spoke using a mike to introduce herself like a politician running for election.

Source: Sanspo

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