Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aragaki Yui to play a mother for the first time in new movie "TWILIGHT Sasarasaya"

Aragaki Yui will play a mother for the first time in the new movie "TWILIGHT Sasarasaya" which will be released this autumn. She plays the role of Saya, a young mother who had just given birth to her first son but loses her husband Yutaro (Oizumi Yo) due to a freak accident and has to face the struggles of living on her own with her baby. Unable to leave his family in this state, Yutaro who has become a ghost makes use of his neighbours' bodies to help his wife along the way. His neighbours will be played by Nakamura Aoi and Fuji Sumiko.

Aragaki said that when she held the baby playing her son in the movie, he stopped crying immediately so she was very happy about that. Oizumi who is already a father of one, said that since Saya is supposed to be a newbie mother, he thinks that Aragaki can pull off this role well. In response to this, Aragaki said that as she has a pet dog, she can somewhat understand how it feels to be a mother.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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