Friday, April 04, 2014

Kiritani Kenta announces his marriage and impending fatherhood

Kiritani Kenta announced via his blog on 2 April that he has married his girlfriend who is 5 years younger than him and that he will be a father soon since his wife is currently pregnant with their first child. According to Kiritani's agency, the couple went to a ward office in Tokyo to submit their marriage application on 2 April which was said to be an auspicious day for marriage. In his blog entry, Kiritani described his wife as a motherly woman who is very gentle.

The couple reportedly met 4 years ago but only became closer at the end of last year. Marriage was something they decided on instinctively. Kiritani commented that he is very happy about being a father soon and vowed to be a great man. As for his wedding plans, Kiritani's agency said that as his wife is a non-celebrity, there will be no announcements made regarding this and no press conference held in relation to this issue.

Source: Sanspo

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