Thursday, April 17, 2014

Koizumi Kyoko & Nakai Kiichi sings duet as insert song for "Zoku Saigo kara nibanme no koi"

Koizumi Kyoko and Nakai Kiichi, the leads of FujiTV Spring 2014 drama "Zoku Saigo kara nibanme no koi", collaborated to record a duet song which will be used as an insert song in their drama. The song titled "T-jiro" (T-junction) was written by Crazy Ken Band's Yokoyama Ken but the release date of the song has not been decided yet. The decision to get the leads to sing a duet was conceived when they sang the song "Ginza no Koi no Monogatari" at a karaoke where the wrap-up party of the original series was held. The producer felt that their voices were in harmony and suggested the collaboration this time. Koizumi last sang a duet "Tatoeba Forever" with Sanada Hiroyuki 26 years ago in 1988 while Nakai had never sang a duet before but released a song "Kuro no Niau hito" in 1987.

Nakai commented that he had watched Koizumi and Sanada's performance back then in a music programme and thought to himself that he wants to sing with Koizumi one day so it's a strange feeling for it to come true now. Koizumi also expressed joy at being able to sing with Nakai this time.

Yokoyama who is a great fan of Koizumi, wrote the song to describe the uncertainty facing the leads in the drama and used Kamakura as the setting of the song. Koizumi and Nakai recorded the song in a studio in mid March. Koizumi commented that the recent duets tend to be very fashionable and cool but their song will be something which the middle-aged people will be able to learn easily and sing at the karaoke.

Source: Sanspo 1 / Sanspo 2

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Joanna Rajca said...

I want to see them in season 3 lol is it even possible ;-; their chemistry and acting was sooooo on point so I felt like I'm never gonna find anything better than this drama srsly �� and this song... I'm just melting while listening to it haha