Saturday, April 12, 2014

Completion screening event of FujiTV Spring 2014 drama "Zoku Saigo kara nibanme no koi"

The completion screening event of FujiTV Spring 2014 drama "Zoku Saigo kara nibanme no koi" was held on 12 April at Odaiba Cinema Mediage which was attended by the cast members Koizumi Kyoko, Nakai Kiichi, Sakaguchi Kenji, Uchida Yuki and Iijima Naoko. The drama which will begin its run from 17 April in the Thursdays 10pm timeslot, is a sequel to the original series shown during winter 2012 and is set in Kamakura about the romance and relationships of adults. In conjunction with the theme, only viewers above the age of 30 were invited to this screening and the clear difference between this session and other screening sessions was that the cast was not greeted with screams when they appeared but rather gasps of admiration from the audience. With response to this, Koizumi said that she never noticed the difference between the reactions of younger and older fans until today because all she heard when she was an idol in the past was screams of excitement. As such, she felt as if she had become an adult since the reaction she gets now is different. In addition, she used to be called cute all the time which switched to being called youthful looking for her age but she feels that she is no longer suitable to be called that now.

When asked about when they felt that they had become adults, Nakai recounted that it was when he could buy 20 snacks from the snack shop.

Meanwhile. Sakaguchi who got married on 18 March and will be a father in August, made his first appearance through this event and was greeted with congratulations from the press and audience.

Source: Sanspo

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