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Top 10 private network dramas in the Heisei era with the highest single episode rating (Daily Shincho)

With the impending end of the Heisei era, there are lots of rankings, surveys, articles about anything imaginable in the media these days. Daily Shincho did a check on the top 10 private network dramas in the Heisei era with the highest single episode rating i.e. excluding NHK and here are the results with the year of broadcast in brackets:

"Hanzawa Naoki" is still unbeaten for the last six years since it became the monster blockbuster of 2013. Looking at the results, it's obvious that the days of dramas easily exceeding the 20% mark are long gone. It may be a long time before another big hit in the 30% range ever comes up in the Reiwa era with more and more sources for your drama fix including Netflix, HBO Asia, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video other than the traditional TV stations and many alternative forms of entertainment besides TV spreading the viewership base further.

In case you are wondering, I actually watched everything in this list (which gives you a clue as to how old I am) and naturally, there are some which I like more than the others for various reasons! I watched "101 Kaime no Proposal" when I was still a kid who knew nothing much and I actually remembered the scene of Takeda Tetsuya jumping in front of that truck more than the love story itself because I was laughing at how ridiculous it seemed (sorry, no romantic bone in me back then). "Ienakiko" was shocking and painful to watch due to the constant bullying of Suzu (Adachi Yumi) but it was gratifying and encouraging to see how she overcame hurdle after hurdle. "Long Vacation" introduced me to Takenouchi Yutaka (although it was his clean look in "Beach Boys" which got me hooked) and I am still listening to the songs from then even to this day. And not forgetting "Hanzawa Naoki" which I felt was a bit far-fetched because that kind of insubordination would never happen in a company, much less a Japanese bank - but the story of a nobody fighting against power and status probably resonated with everyone who faced similar issues and had no way or courage to fight like Hanzawa. So many beautiful memories from the Heisei era dramas!

How many of the top 10 have you watched before? Do feel free to share your thoughts with me!

1) Hanzawa Naoki / TBS / 42.2% (2013)
2) Beautiful Life / TBS / 41.3% (2000)
3) Kaseifu no Mita / NTV / 40.0% (2011)
4) Hitotsu Yane no Shita / FujiTV / 37.8% (1993)
5) GOOD LUCK!! / TBS / 37.6% (2003)
6) Ienakiko / NTV / 37.2% (1994)
7) HERO / FujiTV / 36.8% (2001)
8) 101 Kaime no Proposal / FujiTV / 36.7% (1991)
Long Vacation / FujiTV / 36.7% (1996)
10) GTO / FujiTV / 35.7% (1998)

Source: Daily Shincho

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