Thursday, December 06, 2018

Winners of the Yahoo! Japan Search Awards 2018

Yahoo! Japan Search Awards is an annual event which lists the people and things that experienced a surge in online searches via Yahoo! Japan as compared to the previous year. This is a barometer of the amount of attention which the person or thing has enjoyed in the past year. The measurement period is from 1 January to 1 November of the current year.

As the list of winners is very long, I will only feature winners in the people and culture categories which are more related to J-ent in general:

Grand Prix: King & Prince

Actor: Nakamura Tomoya

Actress: Imada Mio

Comedian: Hyokkorihan

Athlete: Hanyuu Yuzuru

Model: Koki

Musician: Amuro Namie

Idol: King & Prince

Voice Actor: Kobayashi Yumiko

Writer: Yabe Taro

Anime: Pop Team Epic

Movie: The Greatest Showman

Game: Monster Hunter: World

Novel: Otto no chinpo ga hairanai

Drama: Hanbun, Aoi

* Interestingly, "Segodon" was the most-searched keyword in Kagoshima Prefecture probably because it was the lead character Saigo Takamori's hometown. Meanwhile in Okinawa Prefecture, the locals were the most interested in Amuro Namie, their homegrown diva who retired this year.

Source: Yahoo! Japan

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