Saturday, December 22, 2018

Top 10 actors who made a breakthrough in 2018 (Oricon)

The following survey was done by Oricon Monitor Research on 1,000 respondents from their teens to 50s between 25 October and 2 November where they chose which actor they felt had made a breakthrough in 2018. Other than the teenagers who chose Hirano Sho, Tanaka Kei was the No.1 pick for all age groups i.e. from 20s to 50s:

1) Tanaka Kei

2) Hirano Sho

3) Nakamura Tomoya

4) Shison Jun

5) Yoshizawa Ryo

6) Arata Mackenyu

7) Yamazaki Kento

8) Kaku Kento

9) Chiba Yuudai

10) Yoshida Kotaro

Source: Oricon

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