Saturday, February 13, 2016

Takenouchi Yutaka to return in the drama SP sequel of "Suteki na Sentakushi"

Takenouchi Yutaka will be reprising his role in the drama SP sequel of "Suteki na Sentakushi" which is due to be shown this spring via FujiTV. The original drama series shown in autumn 2014 was written by comedian Baka Rhythm and featured Takenouchi as Edawakare, a talkative and nosey taxi driver who could drive his passengers to the past when they could make different decisions to change their lives. In this sequel, Edawakare goes to a hot spring town by chance and meets various guests staying at the hot spring ryokan there where he will get involved in their issues and cause trouble for himself. In contrast to the drama series where only one passenger was featured in each episode, the drama SP will feature multiple passengers at the same time. Baka Rhythm who won the Ichikawa Shinichi Script Award's encouragement prize for this drama's script, will be writing the script for the SP.

Co-stars in the SP will include regulars from the drama series including Baka Rhythm who plays the manager of the cafe "choice" frequented by Edawakare, Minamisawa Nao and Seino Nana who play waitresses at the cafe and a regular customer played by Masu Takeshi.

Source: Cinema Cafe