Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kawaguchi Haruna to play Chiba Yudai's wife in TBS Winter 2016 drama "Kazoku no Katachi"

Kawaguchi Haruna will be playing Chiba Yudai's wife in the TBS Winter 2016 drama "Kazoku no Katachi" and make her first appearance from the 4th episode to be shown on 7 February. In the drama, Chiba plays Irie Haruto, the junior of Katori Shingo's character at a stationery manufacturer, and has been hiding the fact that he is already married to Akane (Kawaguchi). Due to an undisclosed reason, the couple has yet to hold a wedding ceremony. In episode 5, they will be holding a wedding which was shot at a church in Tokyo on 2 February.

Kawaguchi commented that as this is the first time she is acting in a wedding scene and dressed in a long bridal gown, she was quite emotional about it and hope that she will be able to do the same when she gets married for real. As she only joined the filming halfway as a guest star, Kawaguchi revealed that she felt relaxed about it especially with Katori taking the effort to care for everyone on the set. With regard to her collaboration with Chiba who she has worked with many times to date, she praised Chiba for being very cute but she would prefer a man with a wilder feel when it comes to her ideal guy.

Source: Cinema Cafe


Anonymous said...

Old news :(

Chiaki said...

Hi Anonymous, just to clarify, I don't aim for this blog to be a news service which can promise to translate and post all the entertainment news within the day unless it's some big issue or news that needs to be reported more promptly. As such, I seek your understanding in that there may be times when I'm too busy and will have to post the translated news much later than they appeared in the media.

Kenzo Shibakariki said...

It was news to me; I love Haruna!! ;)