Saturday, February 06, 2016

Murakami Hiroaki, Gouriki Ayame & Jinnai Takanori to appear in TV Tokyo drama SP "Soushitsu no Girei"

Murakami Hiroaki, Gouriki Ayame and Jinnai Takanori will be appearing in the upcoming TV Tokyo drama SP "Soushitsu no Girei" (The rite of loss) based on the late Matsumoto Seicho's novel. This will be the second time that the trio is working together since the drama SP "Kuroi Gasshuu Kusa" shown in March last year which is also based on another Matsumoto Seicho novel.

This drama SP which is expected to be shown in spring this year, features Murakami as Otsuka Kyosuke, a police inspector at Shizuoka Prefectural Police who will not stop at investigating something he is interested in while Gouriki plays Tamura Misaki. a newbie police officer and Jinnai plays Suda Kohei, a police officer from Tokyo who is a lone wolf and doesn't work well with others.

Murakami commented that his combination with Gouriki feels more like a father-and-child pair of detectives and cited the depth of Matsumoto Seicho's stories and the interaction among the three detectives as a key selling point of this drama SP. As for Gouriki, she said that in the last SP, her character was more of a follower who listened to her superior all the time but this time, she will be playing a more active role in the investigation. Jinnai revealed that there was a scene which they shot at a lake where they had to bear with the attacks of mosquitoes and not let it affect them while the filming was going on.

In this drama SP, the story begins with a medical seminar held in Shizuoka Prefecture where a doctor from Tokyo is found murdered. At the same time, another doctor who attended the same seminar was also killed in Tokyo. As Otsuka feel that there is a link between the cases, he goes to Tokyo with Tamura to investigate the murders along with Suda.

Source: Nikkansports / Cinema Cafe

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this Drama SP was interesting for me .The one answer really is Gouriki not other choices.