Monday, February 29, 2016

Takenouchi Yutaka & Matsuyuki Yasuko to work together in TV Asahi Spring 2016 drama "Good Partner Muteki no Bengoshi"

Takenouchi Yutaka and Matsuyuki Yasuko will be working together in the TV Asahi Spring 2016 drama "Good Partner Muteki no Bengoshi" (Good Partner The Invincible Lawyer)  which begins its run from April in the Thursdays 9pm timeslot. This will be Takenouchi's first appearance in a TV Asahi drama in nine and a half years since he starred in the autumn 2006 drama "Kazoku ~ Tsuma no Fuzai Otto no Fuzai ~". Takenouchi and Matsuyuki are playing a married couple again since they worked in the movie "at home" screened last year. The script will be written by Fukuda Yasushi who also wrote dramas such as "DOCTORS ~ Saikyou no Meii", "Umizaru" and "HERO".

The drama is set in Jinguji Law Firm which specialises in dealing with corporate law cases. Takenouchi plays a lawyer named Sakisaka Kento who is handsome, capable, passionate about his work and regarded as the ace in the law firm. Despite his success in his career, the same cannot be said for his family life as he is a single father raising his only daughter Mizuki following his divorce from his ex-wife Natsume Yoshie played by Matsuyuki who is a rival lawyer in the same law firm. They can usually work well together but when it comes to their family issues, they end up arguing and calling each other "Papa" and "Mama" as if they were still married. Their colleagues are played by Sugimoto Tetta, Kaku Kento, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Babazono Azusa, Okura Koji, Okamoto Azusa while the boss will be played by Kunimura Jun.

Source: Oricon / Sanspo

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