Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sakaguchi Kenji to get married soon; to be a father this summer

Sakaguchi Kenji is said to be getting married soon to a restaurant owner 6 years younger than him as reported on 10 Jan. His fiancee whose hometown is in Kyoto, is reportedly 3 months' pregnant and due to give birth this summer. According to insiders, the couple had met last summer when Sakaguchi's buddy Ito Hideaki brought him to the restaurant operated by Sakaguchi's fiancee which resulted in them becoming friends. At that time, Sakaguchi had just ended a relationship with model Sakurai Yumi and was feeling rather low but thanks to his fiancee, he recovered quickly and started a relationship with her soon after. The couple had already met each other's families during the New Year holidays and are preparing to submit their marriage application soon. It was also believed that Sakaguchi had also made an announcement about his upcoming marriage and impending fatherhood to the cast and crew of his new drama "Iryu 4 ~ Team Medical Dragon".

Source: Sanspo


Anonymous said...

This news made ​​me sad ؛(
I wish him all the best ^^

Chiaki said...

Well, it's good news after all. Hope that his new role as a husband and father will spur him on to greater heights in his career!

Anonymous said...

Births are good news. In my opinion his fiance is a rebound. He just recently broke up (spring 2013) with his model gf; whom he dated for at least 3 yrs, stating he was not ready to marry because his career was taking off. Then in the summer 2013 he finds someone, knocks her up and now ready to marry. From rebound to obligation, BUT that'sumy opinion. You don't have to like it.

prestoli said...

He's one of my favorites so I wish him well!

Anonymous said...

They do get over a breakup pretty quick don't they? Make one wonder what is love. Does it exist anymore?