Friday, January 24, 2014

Nagai Masaru confirms his impending marriage to Nakagoshi Noriko

Nagai Masaru appeared at an overseas wedding PR event for JTB on 19 January with model Kondo Shizuka where he was asked about recent reports on his upcoming marriage with actress Nakagoshi Noriko. Nagai admitted that they had been dating for four years and he's already at the age of 36 when he should be making plans for his future. As such, they both decided that this was the right time to get married and revealed that the ideal place to hold their wedding would be in Hawaii where it's nice and warm.

When asked about his girlfriend's good points, Nagai praised Nakagoshi for being serious about her work and said that he learned a lot just from watching her when they first worked together in 2010. Besides that, her cheerful nature brought him a lot of joy and laughter. He revealed that they have met each other's families and the atmosphere during the meeting with his parents was especially good since they hit it off well quickly given that they are all of blood type O. As for when the wedding will take place, Nagai said that a decision will be made after making some arrangements in their respective schedules.

The couple had been recently featured in some weekly magazines about having bought a robot vacuum cleaner at an electrical appliances store but Nagai said that they did visit the store but did not buy the robot vacuum cleaner as reported. However, if Nakagoshi wants to get it, he will buy it for her.

Source: Sponichi

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