Saturday, January 11, 2014

First episode of 2014 NHK Taiga "Gunshi Kanbee" gets 18.9% in Kanto region

The first episode of 2014 NHK Taiga drama "Gunshi Kanbee" shown on 5 January got a rating of 18.9% in the Kanto region and 23% in the Kansai region. This was lower than the premiere ratings of last year's Taiga "Yae no Sakura" starring Ayase Haruka and only slightly higher than 2012's "Taira no Kiyomori" which got 17.3% on its debut (the lowest premiere figure for the past 10 years). "Gunshi Kanbee" is the 53rd Taiga drama which describes the life of Kuroda Kanbee, the genius adviser to Toyotomi Hideyoshi during the warring era and features V6's Okada Junichi as Kuroda.

Source: Sponichi

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