Sunday, January 19, 2014

Premiere screening of movie "Bilocation"

The premiere screening of movie "Bilocation" was held on 14 January in Tokyo which was attended by the cast members Mizukawa Asami, Takito Kenichi, Sakai Wakana, Asari Yosuke and the director Asato Mari. The movie which is based on the 17th Nippon Horror Novel Award winner novel by Hojo Haruka, talks about the concept of bilocation where a replicate of one's self with the same looks but opposite character hunts down the "original" in order to eliminate the latter.

Mizukawa commented that this is the first time that she had played two roles but they weren't exactly two different people and could be said to be one person in actual fact. As such, it was a complicated yet precious experience for her to play such a role. Sakai who plays a mother that loves her child too much, said that to a woman, love is probably everything to her thus she tried to convey this message rather than try to act like this woman needed to be feared. In the movie, Asari who plays Mizukawa's husband, is the only one who doesn't have a bilocate so he doesn't need to contribute to the horror factor in the film. As for Takito, he kept emphasizing that he is a loving father of three children and not the same as the violent character he plays in the movie.

In conjunction with the concept of opposites in the movie, the film has two versions i.e. front and back which will be shown from different dates. The front version began its run from 18th January while the back version will start showing from 1 February. Both versions will leave the viewers with different impressions of the bilocation concept.


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