Sunday, January 26, 2014

An to play the heroine in NTV Spring 2014 drama "Hanasaki Mai ga damatte inai"

An will be playing the role of the heroine in the upcoming NTV Spring 2014 drama "Hanasaki Mai ga damatte inai" (Hanasaki Mai does not keep quiet) which begins its run from April 2014 in the Wednesdays 10pm timeslot. The drama is based on the novel by Ikeido Jun who is famous for his novels such as the Hanzawa Naoki series which made it big last year. The role of Hanasaki Mai is the only heroine among his many novels where she works as a bank employee who cannot keep quiet about the bad things happening in the bank she works for and doesn't care for power nor status. She works with a long-forgotten veteran employee Soma Ken to get justice for those being bullied and set the wrong things right.

An commented that this is not merely a drama about the banking industry but hopes that it can be an encouragement to the working class who may have many things they want to say but cannot do so at work. Through Hanasaki Mai's sense of justice, she hopes that it will give the viewers some inspiration and boost to strive on despite the daily challenges.

Source: Sponichi


Anonymous said...

Has this been filmed? How does she manage to film this and Gochisousan?

Chiaki said...

I think filming has not started yet. The article said that this is going to be her new project after Gochisousan so she's probably not going to take a break and will move on to the filming of this drama once Gochisousan wraps up.