Sunday, March 29, 2020

Winners of the 28th Hashida Award (2019)

Hashida Award Winners
- NHK morning drama "Natsuzora"

- NHK travel programme "Bura Tamori"

- FujiTV anime "Sazae-san"

- Yamamoto Mutsumi (Scriptwriter)

- Matsushige Yutaka ~ for his great acting in dramas such as "Kodoku no Gurume" and "Shiroi Kyoutou" which left a deep impression on and was well-received by viewers.

- Okada Junichi ~ for his energetic acting in taking on vastly different roles such as in "Shiroi Kyoutou" which strengthened his position as an actor

- Hashizume Isao ~ for his strong screen presence in various works like "Yasuragi no Toki ~ Michi"

Hashida Newcomer Awards
- Tanaka Kei ~ for his fresh acting in works such as "Anata no ban desu" and "Ossans Love" which created a huge social phenomenon and captivated many viewers

- Hirose Suzu ~ for her refreshing acting as the heroine of NHK morning drama "Natsuzora" which resonated with many viewers

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