Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Nostalgia Series - Old drama theme songs: "Meguriai" by Chage and Aska

This time, let's head back to 21 years ago in 1994 where there was a drama which had a Japanese title that didn't really match its English translation. That drama featured four main leads where the lead couple were a classic combination of Plain Jane vs. Rich Man's son and the other was a Beauty and the Beast coupling. Managed to guess the title by now?

Long ago when the only source of Japanese dramas was through local TV and they were dubbed in Mandarin (horrors!), that was when I watched the drama "Imouto Yo". I can't remember the exact year when I watched it but I gathered it must have been a few years after its broadcast in Japan. Then, it was marketed under the name of "Tokyo Cinderella Story" which I guessed was due to the fact that Wakui Emi played the Plain Jane who was in love with the rich and suave Karasawa Toshiaki. At the same time, Kishitani Goro who played Wakui's elder brother was having his own romance line with Tsuruta Mayu who was Karasawa's younger sister. However, years later, I found out that the Japanese title "Imouto Yo" actually means "younger sister" thus felt that the English translation should have matched the original meaning but I guess "Tokyo Cinderella Story" probably was more fitting and reflective of the essence of the story.

As a result of watching this drama, that was how I first came into contact with Chage and Aska's music. The theme song "Meguriai" probably wasn't as well-known as the other mega hit "Say Yes" featured in "101 kaime no Proposal" but I had always preferred the former for its melody. At that time, I hadn't started learning Japanese so I didn't know what the song meant. Subsequently, when I finally figured out what the lyrics were talking about, it boosted my liking for the song as I realised how apt it was in describing the drama's storyline and the emotions felt by the leads. "Say Yes" only made more sense to me later on as I grew older.

Chage and Aska was huge in the 90s with a string of hits and I remember buying a best hits compilation CD from them which I kept replaying at that time. I have no idea where that CD is now though but I suspect that I might have lost it while moving house. Unfortunately, the duo suspended their music activities since 2009. Coupled with Aska's brush with the law over drugs in 2013, it looks unlikely that the duo will perform together again although Chage is still continuing with his solo music activities.

For those who are interested in checking out this song, please click here.

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