Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NHK to release book on the history of its morning dramas

NHK will be releasing a book titled "Asadora no 55nen" (The 55 years of morning dramas" on 17 Oct (JPY 2,484) which is a compilation of the TV station's 93 morning dramas produced from 1961 to present. From the first drama "Musume to Watashi" to the current offering of "Asa ga kita", the book talks about the famous scenes from each of the dramas and the storylines as well as unknown behind-the-scenes trivia. In addition, there are interviews of the actresses who had taken on the heroine roles including Kashiyama Fumie who starred in the 6th asadora "Ohanahan" which holds the record of highest viewership rating at 56.4% and Nounen Rena who starred in the 88th asadora "Ama-chan".

Source: Sanspo


Cassie said...

Hi Chiaki,
Just wondering if you can help a girl out. Where do you watch your jdramas? I haven't watched one in a few months and I used to get my dramas from d-addicts but since they no longer have torrents, I'm lost. Most drama websites are several days behind. Any help would be awesome! Thanks.

Chiaki said...

Hi Cassie, google for Drama Cool and you should be able to watch a lot of Japanese dramas subbed in English from there. Quality is great too but may take a bit of time to load if your connection's slow.