Thursday, October 08, 2015

Suzuki Kosuke & Otsuka Chihiro announce their marriage

Suzuki Kosuke and Otsuka Chihiro announced through their official websites on 8 October that they have gotten married. The couple who have known each other for a long time, became an item after working on the TV Asahi Summer 2015 drama "Keiji Shichinin". As for the reasons why they got married after dating for such a short time, Suzuki commented that even though they have been acquainted with each other for some time, it was only when they worked together in the summer drama that they became closer and the thought of getting married began to take shape. As for Otsuka, she expressed her respect for Suzuki as a senior in life and acting and that as they dated, she realised that he is a life partner who she wishes to share a lot of things with.

In his statement, Suzuki also expressed gratitude for being able to meet Otsuka and hopes for the support of everyone around them as they work together to build a happy family. Otsuka also mentioned that the two of them will work hard in their careers to repay the support of everyone around them.

Source: Oricon

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