Thursday, July 16, 2015

Matsuyama Kenichi accidentally blurts out news of his third child's arrival on live TV show

The above video is a clip of when Matsuyama let loose news of his third child's birth. It's apparent that he didn't plan it beforehand and was just answering it naturally in response to the host's question especially since he didn't want the news to take attention away from his new drama.

Matsuyama Kenichi accidentally revealed the news of his third child's birth on NTV's infotainment program "Zoom In!! Saturday" on 11 July when he appeared with Maeda Atsuko to promote their new drama "Do Konjo Gaeru". When one of the hosts Tsujioka Gido asked Matsuyama how many children he has, he said that he already has two while the third was born recently on 8 July. As the arrival of his third child had not been officially announced yet, those present were shocked by the revelation and asked if it was OK for him to say this on live TV now. In response, Matsuyama said that he had already planned to release the news on that same day so it probably made not much difference. However, he did not want to announce the birth much earlier since it would take away all the attention from his new drama's promotion efforts. Subsequently, Matsuyama was prompted by his agency's staff that he shouldn't have said that before the announcement so he just told the hosts and Maeda to pretend that he had not said anything earlier.

Following her husband's accidental disclosure in the morning, Koyuki released an official statement through her agency that afternoon which confirmed the arrival of their third child i.e. a baby boy. However, details of the child's weight or when Koyuki was discharged from the hospital were not revealed.

Matsuyama and Koyuki got married in April 2011. Their elder son was born in January 2012 while their daughter was born in January the following year.

As a result of her husband's slip of the tongue, Cyzo Woman reported that Koyuki was furious about it as this had spoilt her plans to control the timing of the news announcement and amount of detail to release to the press. News of her husband's accidental announcement dominated the news headlines that day but feedback from the public was generally positive and welcoming because of Matsuyama's frank nature and honesty. However, due to the controversy over Koyuki during the birth of their second child, she tried to keep the news as low-key as possible thus decided with her husband to release as little detail as possible. Despite that, Matsuyama even went to the extent of revealing the exact birthday of their son which was said to be giving a huge favour to the paparazzi to follow them around since they are known to stalk their targets on special days like birthdays or anniversaries of celebrities.

Koyuki was embroiled in a controversy over her stay in a South Korean post-natal hospital where she had reportedly enjoyed VIP treatment due to her celebrity status. However, when she had asked the hospital for special treatment and terms, her request was rejected and she was said to have left the hospital without permission and paying her bills which almost led to an lawsuit at that time.

Source: Daily Sports / Sponichi Annex / Cyzo Woman

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