Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sakai Masato to be the lead in NHK's 2016 Taiga "Sanadamaru"

Sakai Masato will be playing the lead role Sanada Nobushige (also known as Sanada Yukimura) in the upcoming NHK 2016 Taiga titled "Sanadamaru".  The scriptwriter will be Mitani Koki.

Although this is the third time that Sakai is appearing in a Taiga, this will be his first leading role. Sakai commented that although much of Sanada's 49-year-life was shrouded in mystery, he is looking forward to seeing how Mitani will "fill in the blanks" and show a new side to this well-known historical character. On the other hand, NHK denied that Sakai was chosen due to his runaway hit last year i.e. "Hanzawa Naoki" but rather for his ability to take on the tough leading role in a Taiga for a year and his close relationship with Mitani.

Source: Sanspo


Anonymous said...

As equal,We shouldn't see him to play Hanzaea those year.

Chiaki said...

Usually, people who take on the lead role for a Taiga drama are too busy to take on other dramas within the same year. And I think TBS would not wait till that long i.e 2016 to milk the Hanzawa Naoki franchise, they are probably dying to do a sequel as soon once they iron out all the issues.

Anonymous said...

I prefer him to stay in Hanzawa Naoki. If i not mistaken sanadamaru would be 50 episodes, a very long drama. I miss him in Hanzawa Naoki

Chiaki said...

A Taiga drama lasts the entire year so it effectively blocks out the lead's schedule for the entire year.

Much as I think Sakai Masato did well in Hanzawa Naoki, I'm cautious about a sequel especially if the cast lineup has to undergo huge changes. And sequels tend to do worse than the predecessor because they are subjected to higher expectations. Actors are also wary of being stuck with one signature role only. It's quite a risky bet to do a sequel of Hanzawa Naoki, considering the ratings comparison itself is already a huge hurdle to clear. Sometimes, I do think that it might be better off to leave things at that and not spoil the legacy left behind by Hanzawa Naoki.