Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ueto Aya to play a straying wife in the FujiTV summer 2014 drama "Hirugao ~ Heijitsu Gogo Sanji no Koibito"

Ueto Aya will take on the role of a straying wife in the new FujiTV summer 2014 drama "Hirugao ~ Heijitsu Gogo Sanji no Koibitotachi" (Afternoon Face ~ The Weekday 3pm Lovers) which begins its run from July in the Thursdays 10pm timeslot. The script will be written by Inoue Yumiko and the producer will be Nishitani Hiroshi who are working together for the first time since their last collaboration in "Shiroi Kyoto". The term "hirugao" is a term coined to describe married women who have affairs after sending their husbands off to work in the morning.

Ueto plays the role of Sasamoto Sawa, who has a part-time job at a supermarket but has the habit of shoplifting from her employer. Unfortunately, she is caught in the act by a rich man's wife Takigawa Rikako (Kichise Michiko) who is having an affair with an artist Kato Osamu (Kitamura Kazuki) behind her husband's back. Due to her interaction with Rikako, Sawa later develops a forbidden affair with senior high school teacher Kitano Yuichiro played by Saito Takumi. Co-stars also include Ito Ayumi, Kinami Haruka, Kinoshita Houka, Suzuki Kosuke and Takahata Atsuko.

Source: Sponichi / Chunichi

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this plot that call "If you want to know what kind of person you is, look at your friends. A man is known by the company you keeps."