Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fukatsu Eri & Asano Tadanobu co-star in new movie "Kishibe no Tabi"

Fukatsu Eri and Asano Tadanobu will be co-starring in the new movie "Kishibe no Tabi" which is due to be shown next year in Japan and France.

They play a married couple Yusuke (Asano) and Mizuki (Fukatsu) who live apart for three years due to the sudden disappearance of Yusuke. Just when Mizuki has finally decided to move on with her life and go back to work, Yusuke suddenly returns home and invites Mizuki to go on a trip with him to meet the people who have helped him during the past three years. As a result of interacting with those people and getting to know a different side of Yusuke, Mizuki finds herself being drawn to him again but something else has also changed during the period of their separation.

Source: Sanspo

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