Sunday, March 27, 2022

Introducing QuickReviews - a speedier way to share reviews of Japanese dramas and movies

One problem I constantly encounter when I want to write reviews for Japanese dramas and movies is the time factor or rather, the lack of it. Often, I try to go into great detail (sometimes too much) so this means that I have to write and rewrite the review multiple times to the extent that there have been too many occasions when I end up with half-done reviews.

As such, to overcome this problem and to avoid having to write long reviews for dramas/movies which I may not have so much to comment about, I've decided to start doing QuickReviews.

Essentially, what this means is that a QuickReview will have 4 key sections only and in relatively short sentences:

- Rating based on a scale of 10
- Recommended for i.e. the target audience or who might like this drama/movie
- Liked i.e. what I liked about this
- Disliked i.e. what I disliked about this

It doesn't mean that doing a QuickReview for a drama/movie is due to me not liking the title as much. The main purpose of doing this is that I want to get the review out as soon as possible and may not want to go into great detail for a particular title. However, if you have any questions or want me to elaborate on what I wrote in such a QuickReview, you can always leave a comment on the blog post or reply to the thread on the Twitter or Facebook post. 

This also does not mean that I will stop writing the detailed reviews - just that I will be able to focus more on a select few and can afford to spend more time on them.

And perhaps the most important point is, reviews are subjective by nature so please do not get upset if it turns out that our views differ.

So without ado, I will be posting the first QuickReview soon. Do keep a lookout for it and let me know what you think!


Kim said...

This is a good idea and the first review was great!!

crazymuka said...

This is awesome, thank you for doing it! I just started getting into Jdramas again after a 15 year break, but finding websites with regular reviews and recommendations for Jdramas is very difficult. Your site is so much needed and helpful. Please keep up the good work!