Sunday, October 12, 2014

Production press conference of FujiTV Autumn 2014 drama "Nobunaga Concerto"

The production press conference of FujiTV Autumn 2014 drama "Nobunaga Concerto" was held on 6 October which was attended by main cast members Oguri Shun, Shibasaki Ko, Yamada Takayuki and Mukai Osamu. The drama which will be shown from 13 October in the Mondays 9pm timeslot, features Oguri as a high school student who goes back into the Warring Era and poses as Oda Nobunaga in a bid to unite Japan.

As Oguri is actually 31 years old, he expressed his worry that he would not look like a high school student and hopes that it will not be a pain for viewers to see him as such. In addition, due to his wife Yamada Yu having given birth to their first child recently, Oguri was asked by the media about his child who he said is very cute and he's happy about the arrival of their baby.

With regard to the observation that Oguri has been seen in many manga adaptations of late including Lupin Sansei, Oguri said that it was not a conscious choice or preference but rather the offers to act in such productions kept coming so that's why he had a string of such works one after another. He also commented that it was comparatively easier to play Nobunaga because nobody in present times would have known the real him but Lupin was more difficult for him to portray.

Source: Oricon / Sponichi

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