Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hirosue Ryoko and Kiritani Kenta to play siblings in the TV Tokyo drama SP "Eien no Zero"

Hirosue Ryoko and Kiritani Kenta will be acting as siblings in the upcoming TV Tokyo 50th anniversary drama SP "Eien no Zero" starring Mukai Osamu.  The exact airing dates for the three-part SP has yet to be decided although it has been scheduled to be shown next year.

Hirosue and Kiritani play the grandchildren of Zero pilot Miyabe Kyuzo where Hirosue is the elder sister who's a freelance journalist while Kiritani is a repeat student taking the bar exam. As this is Hirosue's first drama that has a war-related theme, she commented that acting in this SP was a learning experience for her both as a human being and an actress. On the other hand, Kiritani who is of the same age of Hirosue but one academic year ahead and worked together for the first time, said that it was rather difficult for people in the modern era to realise or understand the pain of the war but he hopes that this drama SP will be able to transmit the message of how scary and painful war can be.

Source: Sanspo

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chan said...

in the first,l thinked Hirosue who was older than Kinitani.but as the same.